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A Backwater at Calcot Near Reading
A Backwater at Wargrave
A Backwater, Calcot Mill near Reading
A Bedouin Arab
A Boat in the Waters off Capri
A Boating Party
A Capriote
A Dinner Table at Night
A Game of Bowls, Ightham Mote, Kent
A Garden in Corfu
A Gust of Wind. Mrs. Violet Ormond , Artists Siste…
A Hotel Room
A Landscape Study at San Vigilio, Lake of Garda
A Man Seated by a Stream, Val d’Aosta, Pertud
A Marble Fountain at Aranjuez, Spain
A Morning Walk
A Mosque, Cairo
A Mosque, Cairo,
A Mountain Stream, Tyrol
A Palace and Gardens, Spain
A Parisian Beggar Girl
A Portrait of Cicely Horner
A Portrait of Violet
A Rose Trellis
A Siesta
A Spanish Barracks
A Spanish Interior
A Spanish Woman
A Street in Algiers
A Street in Venice
A Study of Architecture, Florence
A Tyrolese Crucifix
A Vele Gonfie
A Venetian Interior
A Waterfall
A Window in the Vatican
Abbott Lawrence Lowell
Above Lake Garda at San Vigilio
Ada Rehan
Albanian Olive Gatherers
Albert de Belleroche
Albert de Belleroche
Alberto Falchetti
Alfred, Son of Asher Wertheimer
Alhambra, Patio de la Reja
Alice Runnels James
Alice Shepard
All Ave Maria
Almina, Daughter of Asher Wertheimer
Ambrogio Raffele
An Artist in His Studio
Antonio Mancini
Arab Stable
Arab Street Scene
Architecture, Painting, and Sculpture Protected by…
Arthur James Balfor
Artist in the Simplon
Asher Wertheimer
Atlantic Storm
Atlas and the Hesperides
Auguste Rodin
Autumn on the River
Base of a Palace
Base of a Palace
Beatrice Townsend
Beatriice Goelet
Bedouin Camp
Bedouin Encampment
Bedouin Mother
Bedouin Women Carrying Water Jars
Behind the Salute
Betty Wertheimer
Black Tent
Blanche Marchesi
Blue Gentians
Boat with The Golden Sail, San Vigilio
Boats, Venice
Boboli Gardens
Bologna Fountain
Boy on a Rock
Breakfast in the Loggia
Brenva Glacier
Bridge of Sighs
Bringing Down Marble from the Quarries to Carrara
Brook among the Rocks
By the River
By the River
Cafe on the Riva degli Schiavoni
Camping at Lake O’Hara
Campo Dei Gesuiti
Campo San Agnese, Venise
Capri Girl on a Rooftop
Captain John Spicer
Carmela Bertagna
Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose
Caroline de Bassano, Marquise d’Espeuilles
Carrara. Workmen
Cashmere Shawl
Caspar Goodrich
Catherine Vlasto
Cecil Harrison
Charles Alexander Giron
Charles Deering
Charles Octavius Parsons
Charles Stewart, Sixth Marquess of Londonderry, Ca…
Charles Stuart Forbes
Charles Woodbury
Charlotte Cram
Claude Monet
Claude Monet Painting by the Edge of the Woods
Clementina Austruther - Thompson
Clementina Austruther - Thompson
Colonel Ian Hamilton
Colonel Thomas Edward Vickers
Coming Down from Mont Blanc
Conrad and Reine Ormand
Constance Malanie Wynne-Roberts
Cora, Countess of Strafford
Corfu. Lights and Shadows
Corfu. The Terrace
Corner of a Garden
Corner of the Church of St. Stae, Venice
Cottage at Fairford, Gloucestershire
Countess Clary Aldringen
Countess Laura Spinola Nunez del Castillo
Coventry Patmore
Coventry Patmore
Crashed Aeroplane
Cypress Trees at San Vigilio
Daisy Leiter
Daniel J. Nolan
Dennis Miller Bunker Painting at Calcot
Der Rialto
Der schwarze Bach
Dolce Far Niente
Doorway of a Venetian Palace
Dorothy Barnard
Dorothy Barnard
Douglas Vickers
Dr. Pozzi at Home
Edith French
Edmond Gosse
Edouard and Marie-Louise Pailleron
Edouard Pailleron
Edward Robinson
Edwin Booth
Egyptian Water Jars
Egyptians Raising Water from the Nile
El Jaleo
Eleanor Brooks
Eleanora Duse
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
Elizabeth Winthrop Chanler
Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth
Elsie Palmer
Elsie Palmer
Elsie Wagg
Emily Sargent
Ena and Betty, Daughters of Asher and Mrs. Werthei…
Ena Wertheimer with Antonio Mancini
Ernst-Ange Duez
Escutcheon of Charles V
Essie, Ruby and Ferdinand, Children of Asher Werth…
Etta Dunham
Eugene Juillerat
Facade of a Palazzo, Girgente, Sicily
Falconieri Gardens, Frascati
Feet of an Arab, Tiberias
Festa della Regatta
Fete Famillale. The Birthday Party
Field Marshal Earl Roberts, K. G. , V. C.
Figure and Pool
Fiield Marshall H. R. H. the Duke of Connaught and…
Flora Priestley
Flora Priestley
Florence. Fountain, Boboli Gardens
Florence. Torre Galli
Flotsam and Jetsam
Fortress, Roads and Rocks
Fountain at Bologna
Frances Mary Vickers
Francis Brooks Chadwick
Francis J. H. Jenkinson
Francisco Bernareggi
Frank OMeara
Frau Carl Meyer und ihre Kinder
Fredrick Law Olmstead
Frieze of Prophets
Fumee dambre gris
Garden Fantasy
Garden Study of the Vickers Children
Gathering Blossoms, Valdemosa
General Lucius Fairchild
General Officers of World War I
Genoa, the University
George Frederick Mc Corquodale
Giovanni Boldini - A Portrait of John Singer Sarg…
Girl Fishing
Girl with a Sickle
Glacier Streams
Gladys Vanderbilt
Gondoliers Siesta
Gordon Fairchild
Grace Woodhouse
Granada. Sunspots
Granada. The Weavers
Grand Canal, Venice
Graveyard in the Tyrol
Graveyard in the Tyrol
Group with Parasols
Gypsy Encampment
H. R. H. the Duchess of Connaught and Strathearn
Head of a Capri Girl
Head of a Capri Girl
Head of a Neapolitan Boy
Head of a Neapolitan Boy in Profile
Head of an Italian Girl
Head of an Italian Woman
Head of Ana - Capri Girl
Helen Brice
Helen Sears
Henrietta Reubell
Henry Cabot Lodge
Henry G. Marquand
Henry James
Henry Lee Higginson
Hercules Brabazon Brabazon
Hills of Galilee
Home Fields
Homer Saint-Gaudens and His Mother
Horses at Palma
Hospital at Granada
House and Garden
Hugh Lane
Hylda, Almina and Conway, Children of Asher Werthe…
Hylda, Daughter of Asher and Mrs. Wertheimer
I Gesuati
Ilex Wood at Majorca with Blue Pigs
Ilex Wood, Majorca
In a Hayloft
In a Levantine Port
In a Medici Villa
In a Punt
In Switzerland
In the Alps
In the Garden, Corfu
In the Generalife, Granada
In the Luxembourg Garden
In the Orchard
In the Simplon Pass
In the Tyrol
Inside a Tent in the Canadian Rockies
Interieur in Venedig
Interior of the Doges Palace
Isabel Valle
Isabella Stewart Gardner
Israelites Oppressed
Italian Girl with Fan
Izme Vickers
Jacques Barenton
Jacques-Emile Blanche
Jane de Glehn in a gondola
Jean-Joseph-Marie Carries
Jeanne Kieffer
Johannes Wolff
John D. Rockefeller
John D. Rockefeller
John Ridgely Carter
John Singer Sargent - autoportrait
Joseph Jefferson
Joshua Montgomery Sears
Judith Gautier
Judith Gautier
Jupiter Beseeching Eros
Karer See
Katharine Pratt
Katharine Pratt
Katherine Lewis
La Biancheria
La Carmencita
La Carmencita
Ladies in a Garden
Lady Agnew of Lochnaw
Lady Astor.
Lady Eden
Lady Fauden-Phillips
Lady Helen Vincent, Viscountess dAbernon
Lady Margaret Spicer
Lady Meysey-Thompson
Lady Playfair
Lady Sasson
Lady Speyer
Lady with Cancelabra or The Cigarette
Lake in the Tyrol
Lancelot Allen
Landscape 1909 Corfu
Landscape at Broadway
Landscape near Florence
Landscape near Grasse
Landscape with Rose Trellis
Landscape with Trees, Calcot
Landscape, Olive Trees, Corfu
Leaving Church, Campo San Canciano, Venice
Leon Delafosse
Lizzatori I
Lord Ribblesdale
Lord Russell of Killowen
Louis Alexander Fagan
Louise Burckhardt
M. Carey Thomas
Mabel Marquand, Mrs. Henry Galbraith Ward
Madame Belleroche
Madame Edouard Pailleron
Madame Edouard Pailleron
Madame Errazuriz
Madame Errazuriz 1880-82
Madame Frencois Buloz
Madame Gautreau
Madame Gautreau
Madame Gautreau Drinking a Toast
Madame Helleu
Madame Paul Escudier
Madame Paul Poirson
Madame Ramon Subercaseaux
Madame Roger-Jourdain
Madame X
Mademoiselle Boussenet-Duclos
Mademoiselle Suzanne Poirson
Male Model Resting
Man Seated by a Stream
Manuel Garcia
Marble Quarries at Carrara
Margaret [Daisy] Stuyvesant Rutherford)
Marian Roller
Mary Turner Austin
Mary Turner Austin
Mathilde Townsend
Maud Coats
Mediterranean Landscape
Melon Boats
Mending a Sail
Millets Garden
Millicent, Duchess of Sutherland
Miss Cara Burch
Miss Dorothy Vickers
Miss Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth
Miss Frances Sherborne Ridley Watts
Miss Helen Dunham
Miss Reubell Seated in Front of a Screen
Miss Wedewood and Miss Sargent Sketching
Moorish Courtyard
Mosquito Nets
Mountain Fire
Mountain Stream
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Newton Phelps Stokes
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Field
Mrs Adrian Iselin
Mrs Henry White
Mrs. Abbott Lawrence Rotch
Mrs. Adolph Hirsh
Mrs. Albert Vickers
Mrs. Alice Mason
Mrs. Archibald Douglas Dick
Mrs. Arthur Knowles and her Two Sons
Mrs. Asher Wertheimer
Mrs. Asher Wertheimer
Mrs. Augustus Allusen
Mrs. Augustus Hemenway
Mrs. Benjamin Kissam
Mrs. Carl Meyer and Her Children
Mrs. Carl Meyer and Her Children.
Mrs. Cazalet and Children, Edward and Victor
Mrs. Cecil Wade
Mrs. Charles Deering
Mrs. Charles E. Inches nee Louise Pomeroy
Mrs. Charles F. St. Clair Anstruther - Thompson, n…
Mrs. Charles Fairchild
Mrs. Charles Hunter
Mrs. Charles Huntington
Mrs. Charles Pelham Curtis
Mrs. Charles Thursby
Mrs. Colin Hunter
Mrs. Daniel Sargent Curtis
Mrs. Edmond Kelly
Mrs. Edward Burckhardt and her Daughter Louise
Mrs. Edward Darley Boit
Mrs. Edward Davis and her Son, Livingston
Mrs. Edward Deshon Brandegee
Mrs. Edward L. Goetz
Mrs. Elliott Fitch Shepard
Mrs. Ernest G. Raphael
Mrs. Ernest Hills
Mrs. Fiske Warren and Her Daughter Rachel
Mrs. Frank Millet
Mrs. Frederick Barnard
Mrs. Frederick Mead
Mrs. Frederick Roller
Mrs. Gardiner Greene Hammond
Mrs. Gardner in White
Mrs. George Batten
Mrs. George Gribble
Mrs. George Lewis
Mrs. George Swinton
Mrs. Graham Moore Robertson
Mrs. Hamilton McKown Twombly
Mrs. Harold Harmsworth
Mrs. Harold Wilson
Mrs. Harry Vane Vilbank
Mrs. Henry Marquand
Mrs. Henry Phipps and Her Granson Winston
Mrs. Henry White
Mrs. Hugh Hammersley
Mrs. Huth Jackson
Mrs. Ian Hamilton
Mrs. Jacob Wandell
Mrs. John Joseph Townsend
Mrs. John William Crombie
Mrs. Joseph Chamberlain
Mrs. Joseph E. Widener
Mrs. Kate A More
Mrs. Kate Moore
Mrs. Leopold Hirsch
Mrs. Louis Raphael
Mrs. Mahlon Day Sands
Mrs. Philip Leslie Agnew
Mrs. Ralph Curtis
Mrs. Richard H. Derby
Mrs. Robert Harrison
Mrs. Thomas Lincoln Manson Jr
Mrs. Waldo Story
Mrs. Waldorf Astor
Mrs. Walter Bacon
Mrs. William Crowninshield Endicott
Mrs. William Crowninshield Endicott, Jr
Mrs. William George Raphael
Mrs. William Henry Vanderbilt
Mrs. William Playfair
Mrs. William Russell Cooke
Mrs. William Shakespeare
Mrs. Winton Phipps
Muddy Alligators
My Dining Room
Nude Egyptian Girl
Olive Trees at Corfu
Olive Trees, Corfu
Olivia Richardson
On the Canal
On the Deck of the Yacht Constellation
On the Grand Canal
On the Verandah
One His Holidays
Oranges at Corfu
Orestes Pursued by the Furies
Oxen in Repose
Oxen on the Beach at Baia
Oxen Resting
Padre Sebastiano
Palazzo Corner della Ca Grande
Palazzo Grimani
Palazzo Labbia, Venice
Palmettos, Florida
Pater Harrison
Paul Helleu
Paul Helleu Sketching with His Wife
Pavement of St. Marks
Perseus by Night
Persian Artifact with Faience Decoration
Persus, Florence
Peter A. B. Widener
Peter A. B. Widener
Peter Harrison Asleep
Pine Forest
Pomegranates 2
Ponte della Canonica
Ponte San Giuseppe de Castello, Venice
Pool in the Garden of La Granja
President Theodore Roosevelt
President Woodrow Wilson
Pressing the Grapes. Florentine Wine Cellar
Princess Demidoff
Princess Nouronihar
Professors Welch, Halsted, Osler and Kelly
Purtud, Alpine Scene and Boulders
Purtud, Bed of a Glacier Torrent
Purtud. Fir Trees and Snow Mountains
Rainy Day on the Deck of the Yacht Constellation
Ralph Wormeley Curtiis
Ramon Subercaseaux
Reclining Figure
Rehearsal of the Pas de Loup Orchestra at the Cirq…
Reverend Edmond Ware
Richard Morris Hunt
Rio de Santa Maria Formosa
Rio dei Mendicanti
Rio dellAngelo
Robert Louis Stevenson
Robert Louis Stevenson and His Wife
Roman Architecture
Rose-Marie Ormond
Rosina, Capri
Ruth Sears Bacon
Saddle Horse, Palestine
Sally Fairchild
San Vigilio
San Vigilio, Lake Garda
Sand Beach, Schooner Head, Maine
Santa Maria del Carmelo and Scuola Grande dei Carm…
Santa Maria della Salute
Santa Maria della Salute
Santa Maria della Salute
Santa Maria della Salute
Santa Maria della Salute
Schooner, Catherine, Somesville, Maine
Scuola di San Rocco
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Senator Calvin Brice
Shady Paths
Sheepfold in the Tirol
Shipping, Majorca
Shoeing the Ox
Side Canal in Venice
Simplon Pass. Chalets
Simplon Pass. Reading
Simplon Pass. The Foreground
Simplon Pass. The Green Parasol
Simplon Pass. The Lesson
Simplon Pass. The Tease
Sir David Richmond
Sir David Richmond
Sir Edmund Gosse
Sir Frank Swettenham
Sir Frank Swettenham
Sir George Lewis
Sir George Sitwell, Lady Ida Sitwell and Family
Sir Phillip Albert Gustave David Sasson
Sketching on the Giudecca
Spanish Dancer
Spanish Fountain
Spirito Santo, Saattera
St. Martins Summer
Stable at Cuenca
Staircase in Capri
Statue of Daphne
Statue of Perseus by Night
Steps of a Palace
Still Life with Daffodils
Street in Arras
Street in Venice
Street in Venice
Stringing Onions
Study for The Spanish Dance
Study for Two Heads for Boston Mural. The Prophets
Study of a Fig Tree
Study of a Young Man
Study of Polly Barnard for
Sylvia Harrison
Temple of Denderah
Teresa Gosse
The Alps. Val D’Aosta, Purtud
The Archbishop of Canterbury
The Artist Sketching
The Bathers
The Breakfast Table
The Brook
The Cashmere Shawl
The Chess Game
The Countess of Lathom
The Countess of Rocksavage
The Countess of Rocksavage
The Countess of Warwick and Her Son
The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit
The Dead Sea
The Earl of Wemyss and March
The Earle of Comer
The Earle of Dalhousie
The Fence
The Fountain, Villa Torlonia, Frascati, Italy
The Garden Wall
The Great Fountain of Bologna
The Green Dress
The Hermit
The Honorable Laura Lister
The Honorable Mrs. Charles Russell
The Honourable Pauline Astor
The Honourable Victoria Stanley
The Ladies Alexandra, Mary and Theo Acheson
The Lake of Tiberias
The Libreria
The Libreria
The Little Fruit Seller
The Luxembourg Garden at Twilight
The Marchioness Curzon of Kedleston
The Marlborough Family
The Misses Hunter
The Misses Vickers
The Model. Interior with Standing Figure
The Moraine
The Old Chair
The Olive Grove
The Oyster Gatherers of Cancale
The Piazzetta and the Doges Palace
The Pink Dress
The Plains from Nazareth
The Rialto
The Rialto
The Rialto. Venice
The Right Honourable Earl Curzon of Kedleston
The Right Honourable Joseph Chamberlain
The Simplon
The Simplon
The Simplon. Large Rocks
The Sketchers
The Sons of Mrs. Malcolm Forbes
The Spanish Fountain
The Sphinx
The Steps of the Church of S. S. Domenico e Siste …
The Sulphur Match
The Tramp
The Tyrol
The White House
The Wrecked Sugar Refinery
The Wyndham Sisters
Thou Shalt Not Steal
Three Nudes with Cupid
Tiepolo Ceiling, Milan
Trout Stream in the Tyrol
Turkish Woman by a Stream
Two Girls in White Dresses
Two Girls Lying on the Grass
Two Girls on a Lawn
Two Girls with Parasols at Fladbury
Two Women Asleep in a Punt under the Willows
Tyrolese Crucifix
Under the Rialto Bridge
Under the Willows
Unloading Boats, Venice
Val dAosta
Val d’Aosta, Man Fishing
Val D’Aosta, Purtud
Valdemosa, Majorca. Thistles and Herbage on a Hill…
Vase Fountain, Pocantico
Venedig bei schlechtem Wetter
Venetian Bead Stringers
Venetian Bead Stringers
Venetian Canal
Venetian Canal
Venetian Canal Scene
Venetian Canal, Palazzo Corner
Venetian Doorway
Venetian Glass Workers
Venetian Interior
Venetian Interior
Venetian Interior
Venetian Onion Seller
Venetian Street
Venetian Water Carriers
Venetian Wineshop
Venice, Sailing Boat
Venice. The Prison
Vernon Lee
View from a Window, Genoa
View of Capri
Villa de Marlia. A Fountain
Villa di Marlia, Lucca
Villa Papa Giulla
Villa Torlonia Fountain
Villa Torlonia Fountain
Villa Torlonia, Frascati
Villa Torlonia. Fountain
Villa Torre Galli. The Loggia
Village Children
Violet Fishing
Violet Resting on the Grass
Violet Sargent
Violet Sargent
Violet Sargent
Violet Sargent
Violet Sargent and Flora Priestley
Violet Sleeping
W. Graham Robertson
White Ox at Siena
White Ships
William Marshall Cazalet
William Merritt Chase
Winifred, Duchess of Portland
Woman Reading in a Cashmere Shawl
Woman Reclining
Woman with Collie
Young Girl Wearing a White Muslin Blouse
Young Man in Reverie
Zwei Weinglaser

Графика, наброски, эскизы

Apollo and the Muses
Apollo in His Chariot with the Hours
Baroness de Meyer
Bartholomy Magagnosco
Crescenzo Fusciardi
Dorothy Barnard
Ethel Smyth
Figure of a Child
Gordon Greenough
Heads, Hands, and Figure
Henry Tonks
Jack Millet as a Baby
Kneeling Model
Male Nudes Wrestling
Man Screaming
Margaretta Drexel, Countess of Winchilsea and Nott…
Miss Elizabeth Williamson
Mrs. Charles Hunter
Mrs. George Swinton
Perseus on Pegasus Slaying Medusa
Polly Barnard
Reclining Nude
Seated Model with Drapery
Sir William Hedworth Williamson, 10th Baronet
Studies of a Nude Youth
Studies of Aphrodite for Aphrodite and Eros
Study for Madame Pierre Gautreau
Study for Madame X
Study of Ezekiel for Frieze of the Prophets
The Danaides
Torsos of two male nudes
Two studies for Madame X
Two studies for soldiers of Gassed
Vaslav Nijinsky in Le Pavillon dArmide
William Butler Yeats